1. Preparation and submission of statistical reports on exports and imports of goods to EEU member states.
  2. Preparation and submission of export and import announcement and declaration of goods to EEU member states in the electronic reporting system of the RA State Revenue Committee.
  3. Preparation of export and import documents for goods to third Country.
  4. Calculation of exported and imported goods, commodity flows, cost of raw materials and products, etc..

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The transit declaration (транзитная декларация), invoice (счет-фактура) and CMR bill are considered to be the priority for making the announcement and declaration.
As a rule, VAT and excise tax are paid on the 20th day of the month following the imported day.
As a rule, the notification is submitted to the tax authority within 180 days from the date of export, if no force majeure situation has occurred during those days.

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