1. Registration of the organization in the State Register of Legal Entities Agency.
  2. Appointment of an online proxy in the taxpayer system․
  3. Consulting on specifics of the field of the company’s activity and taxation systems.
  4. Submission of announcement on tax system registration.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

According to Article 50 of the RA Civil Code, a legal entity is an organization that, as property, has separate property and is responsible for its obligations with that property, can acquire and exercise property and personal non-property rights, bear responsibilities on its behalf. , to appear in court as a plaintiff or defendant.

According to Article 1 of the RA Law on Individual Entrepreneur, a private entrepreneur is a natural person who has the right, without forming a legal entity, to carry out activities on his own behalf and at his own risk, the main purpose of which is to use property, sell goods and perform works. or receiving a profit (income) from the provision of services.
The enterprise does not have separate property and is responsible for its obligations with personal property.
The cost of registration of a private entrepreneur is 3000 AMD, and the registration of a limited liability company (LLC) is FREE.
The registration of the organization is done within 3 minutes.
In the case of a private entrepreneur, the entrepreneur's passport and social card (or identification card) are required, and in the case of a limited liability company (LLC), the founder and director's passports and social cards (or identification card) are required.

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