1. Preparation of employment contracts, orders, agreements.
  2. Preparation of internal disciplinary regulations.
  3. Compilation of salary / working time calculation.
  4. Preparation of payment bulletin.
  5. Presentation of vacation, final settlement, allowance calculation.
  6. Submission of registration / exemption application in taxpayer 3 system.
  7. Presentation of income tax calculation in taxpayer 3 system.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The employment contract clearly defines the list of work to be performed or services to be provided. The contract sets the start and end dates of the work, but the Executor decides for himself on what schedule he will work. The amount and conditions of remuneration (for example, prepayment and final repayment after signing the handover-acceptance act) are defined by the contract. The customer is obliged to make deductions defined by law (income tax, pension allocations, stamp duty) from the contract fee. Deductions are made in the month of payment. These types of contracts must have clear terms of execution. The customer is not required by law to terminate the contract within a period convenient to him and within the period of notification convenient for him.

In case of a civil law contract , the employee or service provider does not have a minimum paid annual leave, can not use other types of leave, the employee does not receive disability and other benefits provided by law, the minimum, overtime work is not taken into account when determining the amount of remuneration. The terms of remuneration for work done on weekends and holidays, as well as working hours are no longer limited to the maximum duration of working hours.
The minimum monthly salary in Armenia is 68000 AMD , and the minimum hourly rate for employees paid by salary and hourly wage is set։

1) in case of normal working hours (40-hour working week) - 406 AMD.
2) in case of short working hours (36-hour working week) - 454 AMD.
3) in case of short working hours (24-hour working week) - 680 AMD.

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