1. Preparation and submission of tax and financial reports (trilingual).
  2. Preparation of documents necessary for business negotiations in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in force in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, preparation of forecasts, financial analysis of sales contracts, restructuring of enterprises, improvement of procurement and distribution systems․
  3. Selection of transaction accounting methods in accordance with IAS standards.
  4. Analysis of the organization’s activities, choice of tax.
  5. Automation of transactions through accounting software.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There are general and special taxation systems in the Republic of Armenia.

Under the general taxation system, organizations, private entrepreneur and notaries are taxed, in particular, on VAT and / or profit tax.

From special taxation systems:

1) Within the framework of the turnover tax system, organizations are taxed with the turnover tax, which replaces VAT and / or profit tax, and private entrepreneurs and notaries with the profit tax, with the turnover tax, which replaces the VAT.

2) Within the framework of the micro-enterprise system, organizations and individuals are exempted from VAT and turnover tax, as well as from turnover tax, in the cases defined by Chapter 56 of the Code.
The subject of micro-enterprise can be considered the resident trade organization and the individual entrepreneur, whose sales turnover for all types of activities during the previous tax year did not exceed 24 million AMD and whose type of activity does not correspond to the mentioned types: consulting, legal, accounting, auditing, engineering, advertising, design, marketing, translation, expert, medical, dental services, information processing (including data collection and generalization) and transmission, research, experimental-design technological activities, activities in the field of public catering (except for the activities in the field of catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner) directly related to hotel services provided by tourist houses, provided for in Annex 3 of the Code).

The following can also not be considered as a micro-business entity

Banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, investment companies, specialized participants in the securities market, pawnshops, foreign exchange brokers, dealers-brokers, investment funds, organizers of casinos, games of chance or lotteries, as well as organizations and private entrepreneur engaged in trade (purchase and sale) activities within the administrative borders of Yerevan, trade (trade) and trade fairs outside the administrative borders of Yerevan, in shopping centers and fairs. Organizations and individual entrepreneurs, as well as in the commercial (purchase and sale) activities of personal cars or in the framework of e-commerce organizations and private entrepreneur.
Transactions in the organization are automated through the Armenian Software system.
Yes, if the organization is provided with the necessary documents and information on the current activities of the company, at any time, it is possible to receive complete and comprehensive information on any article.
The cost of the accounting service is formed based on the annual turnover of the company and the number of employees.

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